• 集成加速器和离子源机箱
  • 高性能地面参考镜头底盘
  • 非常低的纹波和超稳定的输出
  • 强大的电弧和短路保护
  • 尽量减少微放电事件的设计
  • 光隔离数字接口
  • CE 标志和设计符合 SEMI S2

注:所有规格如有更改,恕不另行通知。 请查阅该数据表的 英文 PDF 版本以获取最新版本。

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斯派曼的 FIB 系列是专为聚焦离子束应用而设计的集成多输出高压电源。它结合了具有浮动输出的高稳定性加速器电压,以驱动传统的 Ga 离子和等离子源。

提供额外的透镜架,提供聚焦离子束所需的高性能固定或可逆极性高压透镜。主机箱和镜头机箱都可安装在 19 英寸机架上。聚焦离子束通常用于半导体工业、材料科学,并且越来越多地用于生物领域的材料成像、蚀刻和沉积。

主机箱提供高达 35kV 的加速电压,具有浮动灯丝、提取器和抑制器输出,所有这些都旨在满足 FIB 应用的严格性能要求。镜头底盘提供高达 30kV 的镜头电压,具有固定或可逆极性。


这种集成 FIB 电源系统的客户控制是通过光纤接口完成的。所有高压安全联锁均采用基于故障安全硬件的设计。


  • 聚焦离子束 (FIB)
  • 离子枪控制器


(Ref. 128029-001 REV. C)


Input Voltage:

+24Vdc, ±5% @ 5.5 amps maximum. Inrush is <6 amps for 1 second.


Operating Temperature:

+10°C to +45°C ambient for normal operation. The unit will operate from 0°C but will require an extended warm up period.

Storage Temperature:

-20°C to +60°C


0 to 80% RH, non-condensing


2000 meters ASL at full power. For altitudes above 2000 meters the maximum ambient operating temperature is linearly derated by 1.1˚C per 300 meter interval.

FIB Input Power Connector:

2 pin Mate-n-Lok (TE 1-350942-0) 

FIB Communication:

Fiber Optics dual channel Avago HFBR- 2524z/1524z. RS-232. Ethernet RJ-45 socket which supports 100BaseTX. When Ethernet port is connected, RS-232 will not work. A Spellman Fiber Optic to RS-232 converter can be ordered, as well as a complete Fiber Optic to USB communication kit.

FIB Vacuum Interlock Connector:

Dual channel Avago HFBR- 2524z (receiver) /1524z (transmitter)

FIB to Lens Modules Interconnection:

The modules are supplied with interconnecting cables for the power and communications. The same kit is used to connect the FIBC to the lens module, and, if required, between a lens module and the next.

FIB HV Output Connector:

The main high voltage output is fitted with a custom 4 pole receptacle. A Spellman HV cable assembly, available in different lengths, can be ordered with the unit.

Lenses HV Output Connectors:

The lenses are fitted with Lemo ERA3Y430CTL receptacles. A Spellman 5 meters mating HV cable assembly can be ordered with the units. (See the product manual for additional cables and connectors information)

Safety Interlocks:

The vacuum interlock is an optical interlock. When it opens, the power supply is deactivated via relay contacts and will not reactivate until it is enabled through the computer control, even though the interlock may close. The FIB communication remains operational.

The interlock plate is situated around the FIB HV Output connector, and if removed will also disable all outputs.

The individual modules of the HVPS can be enabled and disabled through computer control, provided the appropriate hardware interlocks are enabled.


Main chassis: 67.46 lbs. (30.6 kg)
Lens chassis: 27.56 lbs. (12.5 kg)

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive. UK Conformity Assessed. RoHS Compliant.


OUTPUT Accelerator Filament Suppressor Extractor Lens
Output Voltage  0 to 35kV, referenced to ground   0 to 5V referenced to Accelerator, current controlled -2kV to +2kV referenced to Accelerator 0 to -15kV referenced to Accelerator 30kV max, referenced to ground, positive, negative or bipolar. (see Lens Module options table)
Output current max 30μA 5A 30μA  400μA 30μA or 50μA (see config. table)
Output current limit 30μA  current controlled 30μA   programmable 8 bit, 0 to 400μA  30μA or 50μA ( see config. table)
Output Absolute Accuracy 100V  5mA  20V  100V  100V 
Load Regulation ±0.01% of max for 0 to 30μA change   ±0.1% of max for 0 to 5V change ±0.01% of max for 0 to 30μA change ±0.01% of max for 0 to 400μA change  ±0.005% of max for 0 to max rated current change 
Line Regulation  100mV for a 5% line change   5mA for a 5% line change   100mV for a 5% line change   100mV for a 5% line change  100mV for a 5% line change  
Ripple p-p from 0.1Hz to 1MHz  200mV at max output  10mA  150mV  100mV at 30μA and below  200mV for 30kV bipolar outputs.150mV for all other output ratings  
Temperature Coefficient  25 ppm/°C  200 ppm/°C  25 ppm/°C  25 ppm/°C  25 ppm/°C 
Stability (after 2h warm up)  1.5V / 10h  5mA/10min  0.5V / 10h  0.5V / 10h  1V / 10h 
Programming  16 bit, 0 to 35kV  16 bit, 0 to 5A  16 bit, -2kV to +2kV  16 bit, 0 to -15kV  16 bit, min to max Vout 
Voltage Monitoring
16 bit, 0 to 35kV
±1% accuracy
±50V offset 
16 bit, 0 to 5V
 ±4% accuracy
±0.1V offset
16 bit, -2kV to +2kV
±1% accuracy
±8V offset 
16 bit, 0 to -15kV
±1% accuracy
±15V offset 
 18 bit, min to max Vout,
±1% accuracy
±15V offset
Current Monitoring
16 bit, 0 to 30μA
 ±1% accuracy
±0.3μA offset
16 bit, 0 to 5A
± 4% accuracy
±50mA offset 

 16 bit 0 to 10μA:
±0.05μA accuracy
±0.05μA offset

16 bit 10μA to 400μA:
±3% accuracy
±5μA offset

18 bit, min to max Iout
±3% accuracy
±1μA offset
Response (See note 1)
 <1.0 s <0.1 s <0.25 s  <0.25 s   <0.1 s, <4 sec to reach
<2V away from steady state for
20kV to 18kV and
18kv to 20kV change
Additional info        see note 2  see notes 3 and 4

Note 1:
This is the time taken for the output signal of a module to settle (to 0.2% of the step size, or 1 V (20 mA for the filament), whichever is greater) in response to a ±2% or less (of full scale) step in its output, as measured from when the output first starts to change.

Note 2:
Hard trip at 400μA in < 0.25s programmable trip delay (for when current at I limit) 0 to 255s, 8 bit res., (5s min, 20s default)

Note 3:
The above specifications do not apply in the range -500V to +500V

Note 4:
Wobble range: 2V to 2.5kV p-p, sinusoidal. If wobbling occurs near zero, the wobble waveform will be clipped so as to prevent crossing zero.

Wobble Period: 1s to 4s 


Available as Standard Lens 1 Output  Lens 2 Output
 Part number Voltage Current  Voltage  Current 
LGM30P/25PN  0V to +30kV  30uA -25kV to +25kV  30uA 
LGM30P/30P  0V to +30kV  30uA  0V to +30kV  30uA 
LGM30P/25N  0V to +30kV  30uA  0V to -25kV  30uA 
Available on Request  Lens 1 Output  Lens 2 Output 
LGM20PN/30PN  -20kV to 20kV  30uA  -30kV to +30kV  30uA 
LGM30N/25PN  0V to -30kV  30uA  -25kV to +25kV  30uA 
LGM20N/10N  0V to -20kV 50uA  0 to -10kV  50uA 

Please consult with factory for availability and custom configuration requests.



Lens Chassis



Main Chassis



FIB Main Chassis Top View



FIB Main Chassis Top View


FIB Main Chassis Rear View


Lens Chassis



FIB Lens Chassis Top View


FIB Lens Chassis Front View


FIB Lens Chassis Rear View


Description Part number
FIB - Main Chassis  FIBC35 
LGM - Lens Chassis  See part number in the Lens Modules Table 
FIBC to Lens Modules
Interconnection kit  
FIBC HV Output cable  2.8 meters: HVC30/4ISO/1209
5 meters: HVC30/4ISO/1297 
Lens HV Output cable  5 meters: HVC30/1S/1253 
FIB communication kit  FIBK100 
Optical to RS-232 converter  21777 


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