MPD Series

  • Extremely Compact 10W High Performance Module
  • Multiple Control Interfaces: Differential Analog, RS-232 and RS-485
  • Voltage and Current Monitors
  • High Stability, Low TC
  • Ultra Low Ripple and Noise, Down to 1/f Band
  • Free GUI for Testing and Development Work
  • Digital Control Features: Multiple Units Operation, Current Control, Status Flags and Wobbler Function

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CE ROHS Marking 


斯派曼 MPD 系列是一个 10W 高压模块,输出电压范围从 2.5kV 至 20kV。

MPD 系列使用了斯派曼线性的混合拓扑技术和开关模式功率转换技术,提供低噪声具有更高效率的高性能产品设计。MPD 系列从紧凑的封装产生出卓越的纹波和稳定的性能规格。MPD 系列采用差分放大器输入电压编程信号,以提供对外部系统噪声的免疫力和处理任何偏移问题。

通过 15 针 D 型连接器和 RS-232/RS-485 串行接口提供一个全功能的远程用户界面。此单元可以是全模拟或全数字控制由接口连接器链接定义。

斯派曼专有的高压技术与 SMT 电路相结合造就了一个超紧凑并重量轻的模块,可提供正的或负的极性输出,可完美地适合 OEM 应用。


  • 光电倍增
  • 静电印刷
  • 电子和离子束
  • 闪烁器
  • 电子倍增管检测器
  • 质谱分析
  • 微通道板检测器
  • 静电透镜
  • 原子能仪器


(Ref. 128142-001 REV. F)


Input Voltage:
+24 Vdc, ±2Vdc

Input Current:
≤1 amp maximum

Output Voltage:
7 models available from 1kV to 30kV

Output Polarity:
Positive or negative, specify at time of order

10 watts, maximum

Voltage Regulation:

Line: For a 1V line change 10ppm
Load: 0-100% load 10ppm

Current Limit:
110% of rated output current. In digital control mode, the current limit is settable from 0 to 110% of the rated output current.

See “drift, ripple and noise” table

After one hour warm up period.
25ppm/8 hours
100ppm/1000 hours

Temperature Coefficient:
10ppm per degree C

Arc and short circuit protected. Not designed to withstand continuous arcing. The unit monitors and reports faults through status flags (digital com). When a trip occurs, the output is disabled and the unit can be reset through enable, fault reset or power cycle.

Control Software:
A free GUI can be provided for customer testing and development work.

Main Features:
-Voltage control and enable inputs
-Voltage and current monitor outputs
-10V voltage reference output

Digital Features:
The following features are available when operating in digital control mode.
-Multiple units operation (RS-485 only)
-Current control
-Wobbler function: sine wave superimposed to voltage output (programmable amplitude 0-300V, period 0.1 to 2s)

Operating: 0˚C to 50˚C
Storage: -35˚C to 85˚C


Temperature Range:
Operating: 0˚C to 50˚C
Storage: -35˚C to 85˚C

20% to 85% RH, non-condensing

Convection cooled

1kV-10kV: 1.18˝ H X 2.75˝ W X 5.12˝ D (30mm x 70mm x 130mm)
15kV-20kV: 1.18˝ H X 2.75˝ W X 6.50˝ D (30mm x 70mm x 165mm)
30kV-20kV: 1.38˝ H X 2.95˝ W X 8.46˝ D (35mm x 75mm x 215mm)

1kV-10kV: 14.82 oz. (420g)
15kV-20kV: 22.93 oz. (650g)
30kV: 33.51 oz. (950g)

Interface Connector:
15 pin male D connector

Output Connector:
Captive 39.4˝ (1 meter) long un-terminated and shielded HV cable:
1kV to 20kV units: HRG58
30kV units: LEMO 130666

Regulatory Approvals:
Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive. UK Conformity Assessed. UL/CUL recognized, File E354595. RoHS Compliant.
Note: for 1kV and 30kV units approvals, please inquire. 


Model Output Voltage Output Current 
MPD1*10/24  1kV  10mA 
MPD2.5*10/24 2.5kV  4.00 mA
MPD5*10/24 5kV 2mA 
MPD10*10/24 10kV 1mA 
MPD15*10/24  15kV  0.66mA 
MPD20*10/24 20kV 0.5mA 
MPD30*10/24  30kV 0.33mA 

*Specify “P” for positive polarity or “N” for negative polarity. Custom units available.


Model 3mHz-30mHz 30mHz-3Hz 3Hz-30Hz 30Hz-300Hz 300Hz-30kHz 30kHz-3MHz
MPD1  7mV  7mV  7mV  4mV  4mV  4mV 
MPD2.5 10mV 10mV
10mV  5mV  5mV   5mV
MPD5 10mV 10mV 10mV  10mV  10mV  10mV 
MPD10  20mV  20mV 20mV 20mV  20mV  20mV 
MPD15  30mV  30mV  30mV  30mV  30mV  30mV 
MPD20  40mV  40mV  40mV  40mV  40mV  40mV 
MPD30  60mV  60mV  60mV  60mV  60mV  60mV 


Pin Signal Parameters
1 Power Ground Ground
2 +24Vdc Input +24Vdc @ 1 amp maximum
3 Voltage Monitor Output Voltage monitor 0-10Vdc for 0 to full scale output ±1%
(wrt signal ground) Zout=10kΩ
4 Voltage Reference Output 10Vdc @ 10mA maximum
5 Voltage Program Input 0 to 10Vdc=0 to 100% rated output ±1%, Zin=10MΩ
6 Voltage Program Differential
Amplifier Output
0 to 10Vdc=0 to 100% rated output, Zout =10kΩ
7 Voltage Program Differential
Amplifier Input—Positive
0 to 10Vdc differential between pin 7 and pin 9 = 0 to 100% of rated output, diode clamped to ground,
Zin =38kΩ
8 Current Monitor Output Voltage monitor 0 to 10Vdc for 0 to full scale output ±1% (wrt signal ground) Zout=10kΩ
9 Voltage Program Differential
Amplifier Input—Negative
0 to 10Vdc differential between pin 7 and pin 9 = 0 to 100% of rated output, diode clamped to ground,
Zin =38kΩ
10 Voltage Program
Digital Output
0 to 10Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout =10kΩ
11 Analog Signal Ground Signal ground for control and monitoring
12 Enable Input Low = Enable, TTL, CMOS, open collector compliant
13 Digital Mode RS-232 or RS-485 configuration
Low = RS-485, Open circuit = RS-232
14 RS-232 TxD/RS-485 (-) Transmit data (output) wrt pin 1 or RS-485 inverting
15 RS-232 RxD/RS-485 (+) Receive data (input) wrt pin 1 or RS-485 non inverting

Digital Control – Connect pin 5 to pin 10
Analog Control – Connect pin 5 to pin 6