Series PFE - SB

  • 提供 6kV 至 20kV 版本
  • 可耗散 30kW 的连续可变电子测试负载
  • 电压和电流的上升和下降斜率
  • 提供可编程的电极功能
  • 电子极性反转
  • 数据和事件记录功能
  • 报警和跳闸功能

*注意:所有规格如有变更,恕不另行通知。有关最新修订,请参阅本数据表的英文 PDF 版本.

船载供电设备 (PFE)

(Ref. 128144-001 REV. B)

斯派曼高压是电信行业供电设备的领先独立供应商,也是船载使用最常用的电源。我们的供电设备 (PFE-SB) 已针对船载使用进行了优化,可在铺设时为线路提供持续电力,并以其可靠性和质量而闻名。它与用于电信的中继光纤电缆系统一起使用,并已安装在世界各地的众多电缆铺设船上。

它提供了所有功能以允许安全、可靠地运行,并具有适合所有电缆安装要求的配置功能。PFE 系统设计用于在不同电流要求下提供良好调节的低纹波高压电源。

先进的数字管理系统提供来自主控制单元 (MCU) 或系统管理终端 (SMT) 的输出配置、控制、极性设置、连续监控和警报报告。电子测试负载是一种有源固态设计,允许使用手动前面板控制动态改变负载。





Model Output Voltage Output Current Input Current Input Current
(per phase max)
PFESB6PN12 6kV 2A max 400Vac 3 phase ±10% 50/60Hz  25A 
PFESB10PN24 10kV 2.4A max 400Vac 3 phase ±10% 50/60Hz  40A 
PFESB15PN36 15kV 2.4A max 400Vac 3 phase ±10% 50/60Hz  60A 
PFESB20PN40 20kV  2A max 400Vac 3 phase ±10% 50/60Hz   75A

Input Wiring:
3Φ + Neutral (Star). For a 3Φ supply without a neutral (delta), a single phase 230Vac 10A supply will be required to power the control modules.

Voltage Ripple:

Typically <0.25% over any 24 hour period with a temperature range of 0°C to 30°C.

Voltage Regulation:
Load: 0.05% of full voltage for full load change.
Line: +/-0.05% of full voltage +500mV over specified range.

Current Regulation:
Load: 0.05% of full current for any voltage change.
Line: +/-0.05% of full current over specified input range.

Temperature Coefficient:
< 100 ppm/°C

Operating Temperature:
0 to +30°C

Storage Temperature:
-10 to +70°C

0% to 90%, non-condensing

Forced Air. 210 liters/sec (445 cfm) per cabinet, 1500 liters/sec (3180 cfm) for the test load.

Regulatory Approvals:
Designed to meet IEC/UL 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.61010-1. 


Clamp/Safety Chassis:
Protects the repeaters/cable and PFE. A HV relay and dump circuit will quickly and safely discharge the system in case of emergency shutdown. A front panel mounted lamp indicates if the PFE output is energized.

Output Control:
Using either the Main Control Unit (MCU) or SMT; the system output can be operated in constant current or constant voltage control and as a feed for a single end, double end or branched line.

Advanced Touchscreen Control and Monitoring SystemSystem Management Terminal (SMT):
The SMT is an advanced touchscreen control and monitoring system which can be installed within the PFE cabinets or remotely up to 80m from the PFE.  

  • Full output control and monitoring
  • Fully adjustable ramp rates in current or voltage control: 10V-10kV/min and 10mA-10A/min
  • User settable over/under voltage and current trips and alarms
  • Output voltage and current logging
  • Event logging
  • Programmable electroding (tone generator 10-40Hz provided)


Typical System Management Screens:

Typical System Management Screens:

Main Control Unit (MCU):

Main Control UnitThe system can be controlled manually using the MCU front panel controls. 

  •  4.2” LCD display
  • Full output control and monitoring including polarity reversal
  • Test points for voltage and current
  • Front panel controls for voltage and current
  • Ramp rates available: Default: 60kV/min 6A/min. Slow: 500V/min 0.2A/min.
  • Over volts/current trips
  • HV and Alarm outputs

Patch Panel:
User configurable interconnects from Converter(s) to Electronic Load or Cable Termination Cubicles (CTC’s).

Electronic Load:
Fully isolated and actively adjustable resistance by the user. 
Max power: 30kW
Max voltage: ± 15kV @ 2A
Max current: 2.4A @ ±12.5kV

Interlock System:
Full protection for user and connected equipment. All PFE access panels and patch panel connections are interlocked. External connection terminals are provided to allow connection to CTCs, associated equipment or external E-Stop circuits.

Optional Hood (17668-4)
A flange at the rear provides attachment of exhaust ducting, allowing most of the heat dissipated from the system to be transferred outside the immediate environment of the PFE. 

Optional Cable Termination Cubicle (CTC12/377)
Facility to safely accommodate half joints and bare cables for installation and repairs. The CTC provides a safe, interlocked enclosure for connection of the PFE HV to the cable conductors. 2 clamps and strain relief allow the fiber core to be separated and safely routed out of the box to external optical equipment.


Optional Cable Termination Cubicle

W 27.26˝ [692mm]
D 10.44˝ [265mm]
H 8.27˝ [210mm]


Dimensions: in.[mm]


Cabinet 1: 441 lbs. [200kg]
SMT: 33 lbs. [15kg]
Electronic Load: 364 lbs. [165kg]




Cabinet 1: 1529 lbs. [240kg]
SMT: 33 lbs. [15kg]
Electronic Load: 364 lbs. [165kg]


Dimensions: in.[mm]



Cabinet 1: 507 lbs. [230kg]
Cabinet 2: 309 lbs. [140kg]
Electronic Load: 364lbs. [165kg]



Cabinet 1: 507 lbs. [230kg]
Cabinet 2: 419 lbs. [190kg]
Electronic Load: 364lbs. [165kg]