PMX 系列 50kV X射线发生器 (Featured)

PMX 系列

  • 专为乳房造影应用定制设计
  • 紧凑的模块化形式,可节约空间
  • 快速上升和下降时间,能尽量减少患者接触不必要的辐射
  • 双速起动器,升压/制动能力
  • RS-232 和可选的以太网接口

*注意:所有规格如有变更,恕不另行通知。有关最新修订,请参阅本数据表的英文 PDF 版本

 两年延保标志 UL 标识 RoHs 合规标识

50kV X 射线发生器

斯派曼PMX 是一台高性能的X 射线发生器,专为乳腺摄影术应用而设计,包括全视野数字化乳腺摄影(FFDM)和数字化乳腺断层摄影(DBT)。其特性是2 点以及3 点曝光模式和带预曝光的智能AEC 一样。

PMX 是一台5kW 高频X 射线发生器,集成了双灯丝电源和双速X 射线管起动器。PMX 优秀的功率转换技术和逆变器设计,使其能提供带快速上升时间和下降时间、稳定的和精确的X 射线管高压。

通过RS-232 和可选的以太网数字接口、预装X 射线管参数、便利的互锁以及I/O 连接和内部发生器诊断的使用平稳地完成了PMX 的系统集成。也提供可选的GUI 实用软件来帮助做最初的系统集成。


(Ref. 128113-001 REV. C)

Input Voltage:

200-240Vac (±10%), single phase, 50Hz/60Hz

Input Current:

Minimum 35A service recommended for 5kW operation

External EMC Filter (Schaffner FN2070-36-08-36A) required to meet CE/EMC specifications – Not provided

Mains Contactor – Not provided

Customer is responsible for mains safety disconnection.

Output (Tube) Voltage

Output Voltage Range:

20kV to 49kV


Positive, grounded cathode X-Ray tube


2% (measured per IEC60601-2-45)



Rise Time:

<1ms to within 98% of the programmed voltage 

Fall Time:

<10ms with a max HV cable length of 8 feet (2.4 meters) 


4% p-p

Output (Tube) Current/Power:

Output Current Range:

10mA to 200mA

Output Power:

5kW @ 0.1 second loading time,

300 Watts maximum average power


 < ±10% on exposure less than 10ms (measured per IEC60601-2-45)

Rise Time:

 <1ms to within 95% of the programmed mA value

Fall Time:

 <10ms with a maximum HV cable length of 8 feet (2.4 meters)

Exposure Time (Loading Time):

Maximum Single Exposure Time:

10 seconds

Shortest Single Exposure Time:


Loading time accuracy:

±3% +1ms (measured per IEC60601-2-45)

Maximum mAs:


Exposure Timer:

5mS-10 seconds


< ±10% (measured per IEC60601-2-45) 



Filament Configuration:

DC filament drive: self corrected filament preheat settings with closed loop emission control and smart learning algorithm

Filament Output:

0-6 amps at a compliance of 5.5 volts, maximum.

Dual Speed Starter:

High speed (180Hz) and low speed (60Hz) can be configured via the serial interface.

Boost and Brake capability provided.

High Voltage Connector:

60kV, Claymount CA-3 type or equivalent

Communication Interface:

RS-232 standard, optional Ethernet

Grounding Point:

M5 ground stud provided on chassis


Temperature Range:

Operating: 10°C to 40°C

Storage: -40°C to 85°C


20% to 85% RH, non-condensing.


Internal fan


9.47. H X 7.19. W X 13.72. D (240.5mm x 182.6mm x 348.5mm)


<23 pounds (10.5kg) 

Regulatory Approvals:

Designed to meet EMC:IEC 60601-1-2. UL/CUL recognized file E242584. RoHS compliant.

 Application Features:

  • 2 point/3 point exposure modes
  • AEC/Smart AEC exposure modes
  • Dual Speed Starter
  • X-Ray tube anode heat calculator
  • Preloaded X-Ray tube parameters and expandable X-Ray tube library


Pin Signal Parameters
TB2-1 Phase To tube auxiliary winding
TB2-2 Run To tube principle winding
TB2-3 Com To tube common winding
TB2-4 Ground To tube housing ground


Pin Signal Parameters
1 GND Signal Ground
2 +5Vdc Out +5Vdc, 100mA max.
3 RS-232 Tx Out RS-232 Transmit
4 RS-232 Rx In RS-232 Receive
5 PREP User signal (Contact Closure) to alert the generatorthat exposure sequence will begin. Once this signalis active, exposure parameters are locked in andcannot be changed. The generator enables thestarter to to boost the rotor. Contact connection to pin 24. Closed = PREP, the filament is placed inpreheat mode
6 READY Generator signal to user to indicate the rotor runs tospeed and the generator is ready for X-Ray exposureOpen Collector. Low/Active = Ready
7 ROTOR SHUTDOWN User signal to brake the rotor drive
8 EXPOSURE User signal (Contact Closure) to generator to generate X-Rays. Filament is boosted, and highvoltage is generated after the boost time. Contactconnection to pin 24. Closed = Exposure
9 X-Ray ON 75% Status Transistor output to indicate X-Ray ON statussynchronized with 75% of kVP setting point.
10 X-Ray ON Status Transistor output to indicate X-Ray ON statussynchronized with kV start up.
11 N/C N/C
12 X-Ray SHUTDOWN/AEC User signal to generator to rapidly turn HV OFFand ON during serial exposure sequence
13 RS-232 ISO Ground Isolated ground from RS-232 transceiver IC
14 HVG FAULT Status Generator signal indicating generator fault. Opencollector transistor output. Low/Active = Fault
15 Status Bit 1 3 bit status lines for up to 6 status messages. separate matrix descibing functionality. Open Collector. Low/Active = Message
16 Status Bit 2
17 Status Bit 3
18 N/C N/C
19 N/C N/C
20 kV Monitor Signal from generator. 0-10V = 0-50kV. Zout = 1kΩ
21 Emission Monitor Signal from generator. 0-10V = 0-200mA. Zout = 1kΩ
22 Filament Current Monitor Signal from generator. 0-10V = 0-6A. Zout = 1kΩ
23 Program/Monitor Return Ground for reference of program and monitor signals
24 +24Vdc Out For connection to PREP and EXPOSURE control relay coils
25 SHIELD/GND For connection of interface cable shield to generatorchassis ground


Pin Signal Parameters
TB3-1 SMALL FIL Connection to tube small filament
TB3-2 COMMON Connection to tube filament common
TB3-3 LARGE FIL Connection to large filament
TB3-4 GROUND Generator chassis for cable shield connection
TB3-5 Interlock 2+ Used if tube has separate thermostat switch. Open = OVER TEMP. (short terminals if not used)
TB3-6 Interlock 2-
TB3-7 Interlock 3+ Used if tube has cooling circulator flow switch. Open = NO FLOW. (short terminals if not used)
TB3-8 Interlock 3-
TB3-9 Safety Interlock+ User signal (Contact Closure) for safety interlocks such as door interlocks. Open turns HV OFF, or inhibits HV from being generated.Closed = OK 24Vdc @ <1A typical
TB3-10 Safety Interlock-
TB3-11 Contactor Coil+ Option for contactor coil control
TB3-12 Contactor Coil-
TB3-13 Spare N/C
TB3-14 Spare N/C
TB3-15 Tube Current+ Tube current flows out from this pin
TB3-16 Tube Current- Tube current flows into this pin