XRF 系列 80-640W 工业X射线发生器 (featured)

XRF 系列

  • 160kV 输出电压
  • 机架式
  • 浮动灯丝
  • 内部栅极电源(80W 型号)
  • 功率因数校正
  • 闭环放射控制
  • 支持 OEM 定制

*注意:所有规格如有变更,恕不另行通知。有关最新修订,请参阅本数据表的英文 PDF 版本

两年延保 CE 标识

80-640W 工业级 X 射线发生器

斯派曼XRF 系列可以使用宽范围的输入电压,输出功率为80W、320W 或640W ,输出电压高达160kVdc, 这些轻量级机架式可安装的X 射线发生器中的小型的高压系统是固体的封装,无油设计。XRF 系列设计了一个输入功率因数修正电路,从而减少了通常与其他的高频开关电源有关系的谐波干扰和噪声。XRF 系列包含一个内部浮地灯丝和一个用于发射电流精确调节的闭环发射控制电路。提供远程监测和电压、电流和灯丝电流的控制。


  • X 射线检测、无损检测



(Ref. 128013-001 REV. R)

Input Voltage:

80W: 90-125Vac at 48-62Hz @ 1.9A

180-264Vac at 48-62Hz @ 0.9A

320W: 180-264Vac at 48-62Hz @ 3.5A

640W: 180-264Vac at 48-62Hz @ 7A

Power Factor:

0.9 or better.

High Voltage Supply:

Output Voltage:

0-160kV, negative polarity.

Output Current:

80W: 0.5mA max. 320W: 2.0mA at 160kV 640W: 4.0mA.

Output Voltage Stability:

Within 0.1% of set value after warm-up period at full load.

Output Voltage Ripple:

80W & 320W: <0.1%, or 160V p-p for high freq. and line freq. at full load.

640W: 0.03% rms <1kHz, 0.75% rms above 1kHz. 

Beam Current Stability

80W: Within 0.1% of set value after 1/2 hour warm-up at constant output setting of 30-160kV and line voltage of 90-125 & 180-264Vac. 

320W & 640W: Same as 80W except line voltage of 180-264Vac.

Filament Supply: Constant current DC filament supply with closed-loop current feedback.

Filament Voltage: 7V rms (high frequency) max.

Filament Current: 5A max., adjustable 0-5.0A by external Filament Limit Programming input.

Floating Grid Power Supply:

Grid Supply: The grid supply controls tube beam current in a closed-loop regulation design.

Grid Voltage: 0 to 1200Vdc.

Grid Voltage Ripple: Less than 1.0V rms at any frequency.

Grid Supply Response: Less than 0.5mA in less than 10ms.

Control and Monitoring:

Analog Control Inputs: Three inputs have internal load resistance greater than 330kohms.

Voltage Programming: 

80W, 320W & 640W:

0 to +10Vdc, where 10.0Vdc = 160kV output.

Beam Tube Current Control:

80W:  0 to +10Vdc, where 10.0Vdc = 0.5mA tube current.

320W: 0 to +10Vdc, where 10.0Vdc = 2.0mA tube current.

640W: 0 to +10Vdc, where 10.0Vdc = 4.0mA tube current.

Filament Current Control:

0 to +10Vdc, where 5.0Vdc = 5.0A filament current.

Analog Monitor Outputs: (See tables for details)

Digital Control Inputs: (See tables for details)

Digital Outputs: (See tables for details)


Output Connector: 

R24 (see owners manual for details)

Input Power Connector:

5-pin male MS-type, Amphenol P/N 97-3102A-18-20P

Control Connector:

25-pin “D” connector, male, chassis-mounted.


0 to +50°C at 10-95% RH, non-condensing. 
Forced convection cooling.


7”H x 19”W x 22”D (17.8cm x 48.3cm x 55.9cm).

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC EMC Directive. Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive. RoHS compliant


DF - Dual Filament    AT - Arc Trip

GS - Grid Supply IO - Instant ON 

SL - Slides SS(X) - Non Standard Slow Start

Electronic Component (Power Source)

XRF series is intended for installation as a component of a system. It is designed to meet CE standards, with conditions of acceptance often being: customer provided enclosure mounting, EMC filtering, and appropriate protection, and isolation devices. The XRF series is not intended to be operated by end users as a stand-alone device. The XRF series power supply can only be fully assessed when installed within a system, and as a component part within that system.


Output Voltage kV Output Current mA Output Power W Model Number XRFxxx
160 0.5 80 XRF160N80
160 2.0 320 XRF160N320
160 4.0 640 XRF160N640


5 Pin MS Type 7 Pin UTG Type Connection
A 1 Auxiliary (Logic) Line
B 2 Auxiliary (Logic) Neutral
C 3 Ground
D 4 Main (Inverter) Line
E 5 Main (Inverter) Neutral

JB1 160kV XRF 80W, 320W, 640W 25 PIN

Pin Signal Signal Parameters
1 Filament Limit 0-5V = 0-5A Filament Limit
2 High Voltage on Control +12VDC IN = HV ON
3 N/C  
4 N/C  
5 High Voltage On Status Low = HV ON
6 A-Ground Ground
7 kV Monitor 0-10V = 0-160kV
8 Interlock Control +12VDC IN = Interlock Closed
9 N/C  
10 mA Demand 0-10V = 0-100% Rated Output
11 N/C  
12 N/C  
13 D-Ground Ground
14 Fil. Monitor 0-5V = 0-5A
15 N/C  
16 N/C  
17 N/C  
18 N/C  
19 mA Monitor 0-10V = 0-100% Rated Output
20 N/C  
21 +12VDC Out  
22 kV Demand 0-10V = 0-160kV
23 Grid Inhibit/Fil. Select Low = Grid Inhibit
24 N/C  
25 Chassis Gnd (I/O Shield) Chassis Gnd.

160kV XRF 80W, 320W, 640W TERMINAL BLOCK 10 PIN

Pin Signal Signal Parameters
1 Interlock Jumper to TB1-2 to close interlock
2 Interlock Return  
3 kV Monitor 0-10V=0-160kV
4 mA Monitor 0-10V = 0-100% Rated Output
5 Filament Monitor 0-5V=0-5A
6 N/C  
7 HV ON Indicator +15V = HV ON
8 Voltage Mode Indicator Low = Voltage Mode.
9 Current Mode Indicator Low = Current Mode.
10 GND Ground